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The average American commutes about 26 minutes each way to work everyday. There is a very real chance that over the next 5 years that will be reduced by almost 20 minutes. What would you do with that extra time? I bet you will be on your phone or some other online device. What does that new screen time mean for advertisers and UX design?

Ok I know what your thinking – I really doubt how I drive everyday is going to change in 5 years. Yeah, I think they will, and so does Ford, Tesla, Toyota, Intel, Uber…well everyone in the auto industry plus some who are not. Across these companies there has been about 21 billion dollars invested as of December 2018. Ford, Volvo, and Chrysler has said they will have a level 4 (Driver required but completely hands off) autonomous vehicle in 2021, Toyota and Nissan both plan on having driverless cars on the roads of Tokyo for the upcoming Olympics. So this is happening. Now to the point what does it mean for advertisers, app developers, and designers?

Lets start with advertisers:

Now developers and designers:

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