I’m a Creative leader with both small firm and mega-firm experience. I’ve managed small teams and big projects, with clients ranging from the brewery down the street to nationally-recognized brands. My work has won multiple awards, and I’m always open for new opportunities, from independent consulting gigs to deep dives in eCommerce. I am a comfortable leader in strategy and a boss with both code and adobe.

My technical skills include: everything adobe (including o’aftereffects), sketch, multiple prototyping tools, HTML, PHP, CSS, JS, and more – Solid in both wireframes and storyboards. I’m still very much a work producer as well as a process and project manager. Right now I’m primarily seeking an opportunity to continue broadening my skill set working with new clients, as well as deepening my management experience. My Resume.

Cody Daniels

Hands On Designer

While I don’t mind project management, code reviews, or code-a-thons – I am a creative at Heart.

24 awards won

Everything from Addies to Webbies – and a few publications.

Imperial Engineer

That’s no moon. It’s a space station.

Design & Dev

I love strategy, design, and the build. I love it even more when I get to see it come together. Start to finish – I am your man.

Download the pdf below to learn more, or peruse my portfolio. Also check out this years Design Annual from Print Magazine featuring Summer Sandia, and a recent top 10 from HOW with my work. Please download my full resume below for more information.